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    will a save from the previous version of the hack be compatible with the future version?

    Oh hi, I hope I'm not too late for the party. I stumbled across this hack on the Internet, and it looks amazing. I really want to play it, but when I try to apply the patch, nothing happens at all, it only works when I use the hard mode patch (which I assume is the "YetAnotherFRHackv1.11x.ips" file). I'm using Lunar IPS as recommended on the readme, an English Fire Red v1.0 ROM and the patch is version 1.11. Can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I had to create an account here to ask this, because I really want to play this hack
    The file "YetAnotherFRHackv1.11x.ips" patch is the actual game itself- the hard mode patch is "YAFRH Hard Patch 1.11.ips". Take a look at the file sizes and it'll be obvious- the actual game is a lot larger than the hard mode patch.

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