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Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
I wore braces for about 3-4 years when I was in grade school and part of high school. Or I think that's when it was--maybe they were out before I was in high school in which case I wore them for significantly less time. I had an impacted tooth that had to be pulled down and I think a slight overbite was fixed as well. After they came out, I wore a permanent retainer for many years which was essentially like reverse braces--on the inner side of my teeth rather than facing out. I put up with them until the year before last and then I got them removed in favour of a nightly retainer instead. I vastly prefer it.

I'm glad I had the dental work done but I don't miss it at all.
I have the nightly retainer and the permanent retainer o.o

Anyway, I had braces starting in... I think the summer between 7th and 8th grades. They stayed on until hmm... some point before the summer of grade 11 because that's when I got my wisdom teeth out.

In addition to the braces, I also had for the first two years or so something they called a "butterfly". This metal thing that would hang down from the top of my mouth to prevent my tongue from resting against my top front teeth. In addition to that I'd have to insert this metal tool into it every few days and crank it to expand my jaw - which was a strange sensation.
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