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    Originally Posted by Pink Typholsion View Post
    I actually laughed at the mention of the Mysidia Region! Is that a throwback to the old Pokemon Mysidia Server? :D lol I miss that place.
    Definitely! Reborn and Mysidia were actually very close affiliates (whenever one server went down we'd all go to the other). Since it went down many of its members just permanently joined Reborn, but we all do miss it. D:

    Originally Posted by Dragon-Tamer795 View Post
    Great to hear the bugs have been fixed, and that you're making progress! But I'm a little fuzzy on whether that Pichu is meant to be there? =/
    Well, I mean, in terms of the city... probably not. Random Pichus running around on rooftops? that's not a reference to anything... That could be problematic. Someone should take care of that.
    In terms of the game, for sure. xP
    Originally Posted by Kurapika View Post
    Also, the part where you use Abra, Loudred, Jigglypuff, ... etc to escape. If you put Loudred in the southern part of the room and then ut everyone to sleep using Jigglypuff. Abra will not wake up to Loudred's scream!! = You get stuck in there.

    P.S.: I can't find the last one of the 5 guards who went missing n Beryl and Jasper wards. Can I get some help please?!
    And what's up with all these random pokes you meet and flee when you talk to them? XD There are too many: Mime Jr., Spoink, Lillipup, ...
    Thought I fixed the loudred issue, but whoops... The rest of the things I'll have to remember to fix... Thanks~
    Guards... guards guards guards. 'Tis a shame you didn't find them all earlier... That results in a bit of an alternate story...
    The hint I'll give you is that, well, it's hard to see doors when they're on the sides of things.

    Mime Jr and Spoink are roaming pokemon. Once you find them on the over world they have a chance to appear anywhere else outdoors (including alleyways) in the city and surrounding areas (not Apophyll)
    Lillipup is different entirely. That one you'll actually have to hunt around for... Where it runs to is kind of randomised though, so good luck!

    Originally Posted by pippoot View Post
    I'm not really sure if this has been covered or not, if it has, then kindly disregard, but I was wondering if when making a trade of Bibarel for Abra, when the trade is complete, I am still left with the Bibarel, yet my pokedex says I have caught Abra. Is this a glitch or just a random problem with my game?
    That's definitely a glitch. I didn't realise until later that there was actually an issue with the scripts of this version
    Check that out. If you throw that file in your Data folder and overwrite, it should solve the trade problem.
    However, if you saved after you completed the glitch'd trade, you won't be able to re-do it...
    If that's the case, and you feel strongly about getting an Abra, you can PM me and send me your save file, and I'll be happy to revert that trade event for you so you can get it. c:
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