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Chapter 2

"Ah!" Sakura screamed in pain, as the huge bulky demon attacked her, sending her flying towards the ground. She had been to visit a sickly man and had just been about to head for home, when the town complained about a demon attacking their village. And Sakura, being the kind priestess that she is volunteered to take care of the demon. Right now though she was in a bit of a pickle. Her arrows weren't working on this demon at all. She kept getting knocked around by the huge beast a lot.

Sakura jumped up to her feet spitting blood out of her mouth,'I need to finish this up and get back to Rin,' she thought. She went to grab her sword deciding she had no choice but to take the risk and use the sword of Midoriko, but the demon jumped at her, pinning her down to the ground where she couldn't move.

"It's over human!" The demon cried out. It leaned its head down to Sakura, getting ready to eat her. She yelled in fear, thinking that this was it. This was where it all ended. She'd die right here and never get the chance to see Rin again. A few tears came out of Sakura's eyes as she cried, thinking of her sister, living all by herself, having to live without her.

"Inuyasha! Do something!" Yelled an unknown voice suddenly, that Sakura didn't know at all. She couldn't even see around the demon's body to see who it was who cried out just then.

"I'm on it Kagome," said a voice who Sakura assumed was Inuyasha, answering the first voice, calling her Kagome. Inuyasha ran up to the demon that had Sakura pinned down to the ground, crying out to the demon,"Hey! Why don't you chew on this!" He swung his huge sword, cutting into the demon's body, making it let go of Sakura.

"Out of my way half-breed!" The demon yelled at Inuyasha,"I saw this human first. Go find your own meal!"

"You're not eating anyone today pal!" Inuyasha yelled, attacking the demon. It was then that Sakura got a good look at him. He was a half demon alright. He had long silver hair, dog ears on top of his head, golden eyes, wore a red yukata, that looked to have white underneath the red and he didn't wear any sandals on his feet at all. And around his next was a set of pray beads.

"Are you OK?" Sakura heard the voice of the girl Inuyasha had called Kagome run up to her, helping Sakura to sit up. She stared at up at the funny looking girl. She wore very odd clothing. It wasn't any type of outfit she'd ever heard of before. She had on a short green skirt, with a white shirt that had some type of green thing wrapping around the top part. And she had a red ribbon tied around the chest area.

Sakura then looked up at the girl's other features. She had long black hair that was tucked behind her ears and behind her shoulders. She also had bangs that were just as spiky as her's and brown eyes. And on her feet she wore odd black colored shoes and long white socks and her top which she had already noticed earlier was long sleeved. She stared up at her,"I think so," said Sakura.

Kagome helped her up and gently led her over to her friends. There was a man who looked to be a monk. He wore a black and purple yukata. He had black hair tied in a ponytail in the back of his head. His bangs were somewhat spiky, but not too much. He wore this weird glove on his hand. Sakura didn't know why he wore it though. And he carried a staff around.

Then there was a huge cat demon with them. It was white with a few black lines on its fur here and there. It had black ears. It had two long bushy tails. Then there was a black mark on its forehead. It also had red eyes and very long fangs.

Sakura then felt like her heart was going to flutter at what she saw next. There was a tiny fox demon. He was so adorable. He had the cutest tiny fox feet, a blue yukata, with white specks on it. There was a tie on the belly area and he wore a fuzzy vest. He had dark eyes and orange hair pulled up in a very high puffy ponytail. But what caught Sakura's attention most of all, was the cute white, fluffy fox tail, he had.

Her hands suddenly reached out uncontrollably and grabbed Shippo, cuddling him,"Hey! Let me go lady!" The fox cried out.

"I'm sorry, you're just so cute I couldn't help myself," said Sakura.

"Well, keep your hands to yourself," said Shippo.

"Oh come on Shippo, she didn't mean any harm," said a woman running up. She appeared to be a demon slayer. She had long black hair tied in in a high up long ponytail. And she wore a black colored demon slayer's outfit. Unknown to Sakura, this was just her fighting clothes. She had a kimono she wore as well. It was light pink with red and green patches on it. When Sango wore that, she'd always keep her hair down in a low ponytail.

She had brown eyes and wielded a huge weapon, that Sakura figured was called a Hiraikotsu,"Oh fine!" Shippo sighed turning away from Sakura, trying to put as much distance from him and her as possible, so she couldn't grab him again.

Sakura then remembered the fight. She turned back to Inuyasha, who was still fighting the huge demon,"Inuyasha duck!" Kagome yelled, firing a scared arrow. The arrow bound off the demon, doing nothing.

"That won't work," Sakura told Kagome,"I already tried it."

"Inuyasha, move out of the way!" Miroku cried out. Inuyasha knowing what Miroku was going to do jumped as far back as possible. The monk then cried out,"Wind Tunnel!" Sakura watched as the demon was pulled into Miroku's hand. But only about half of it was pulled in as the demon was too big for Miroku to completely suck into his hand.

"Wind Tunnel?" Sakura questioned.

"I'll explain later," said Kagome.

Sango then jumped up swinging her huge weapon as she cried out,"Hiraikotsu!" It hit the demon cutting into it and with a roar Kirara flew at it, finishing the demon off. It now laid in a huge blood of blood where it was dead.

"Thank you! Thank you!" Said a villager coming up to Sakura. He took out some money to pay her.

"No, keep your money. I didn't do much anyway. You should be thanking them," Sakura pointed to the group. The man thanked them, then headed off. She then turned to the group,"Ok, who are all you people?"

"We should be asking you that," said Inuyasha, putting away Tetsusaiga.

"I don't have to tell you, demon!" Sakura demanded.

"What was that! I save your freaking life and this is how I'm treated!" Inuyasha yelled.

"Inuyasha! Sit!" Kagome cried out. Inuyasha fell flat onto his face,"Can't you see how shaken up this poor woman is? Show a little bit of sympathy, will you!" Kagome turned to Sakura,"Please tell us who you are. I'm Kagome."

"I knew that already. I heard, Inuyasha call your name. I'm Sakura," said the woman.

"Well, that's Sango, Shippo, Kirara, and that..." Kagome was interrupted while pointing everyone out.

"I'm Miroku, it's a pleasure to meet such a beautiful woman as yourself. Would you do me the honor of baring my children?" The monk asked as he gripped Sakura's hands in his.

"Miroku!" Sango yelled. She went to slap Miroku, but Sakura beat her too it, by removing her hands from his and punching Miroku in the face, sending the monk flying.

"How dare you even suggest such a thing! You dirty pervert!" Sakura yelled,"I should kill you for that!"

Miroku suddenly got real frighten,"I'm sorry!" He cried out, very quickly.

"Can't say you didn't deserve that one," Shippo sighed shaking hi head.

"That's better," said Sakura,"Now what is this about a Wind Tunnel?"

"An evil demon called Naraku. He cursed my family a long time ago with this Wind Tunnel. Each new generation is born with the curse. It eventually will swallow me up, and kill me, unless I kill Naraku," Miroku explained.

"Who the ****'s Naraku?" Sakura asked.

"An evil demon, not to be messed with," said Inuyasha,"One day, I'll kill him! He turned me against, my mate Kikyo, making us fight, and he killed her too." Inuyasha sounded angry as he talked about Naraku.

"What happened?" Sakura asked,"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

Inuyasha begin his story,"I'll tell you. Naraku, disguised himself first as me, then as Kikyo and attacked the both of us, turning us against each other. Then I went to the village to steal the Shikon Jewel."

(Begin Flashback)

"Inuyasha!" The villagers screamed in terror, as Inuyasha ran though the village. He just smirked at the villagers as he jumped though the trees above them. He attacked anyone who dared to get in his way, on his hunt for the Shikon Jewel.

He busted though the roof of Kikyo and Kaede's hut. There was a odd sensation of smoke in the room, he jumped into. It was to ward off any demons, who would dare to try to steal the jewel. However, it didn't seem to affect Inuyasha very much, because he was half-human. He covered his mouth with his kimono sleeve, and ran as he grabbed the jewel. He then jumped out of the hut just as it caught on fire, he started running off, jewel in hand,"Finally! A way for me to become all demon at last!" He smirked to himself.

As he ran trying to get out of the village though, Inuyasha heard a voice behind him cry out in anger,"Inuyasha!"

Inuyasha turned around looking up at the top of the stairs where he had ran down, just in time to spot the love of his life, Kikyo shoot a scared arrow at him. It hit Inuyasha in the chest sending him flying into a tree that was in the forest surrounding the village. Inuyasha screamed in pain as he was pinned to the tree, the shikon jewel falling to the ground at his feet. He then looked up at Kikyo, mumbling to her,"K..Kikyo...I thought..." He never got to finish his sentence. He then reached for her, as everything went black.

Kikyo then stumbled down the stairs holding her bleeding shoulder, dripping blood everywhere, as she reached down, picking up the shikon jewel into the palm of her hand. She winced in pain, leaning down on one knee, still holding the wound.

A tiny kid ran up to her. She had long dark, hair tied up in a low ponytail, the same way as Kikyo did. She also wore a yellow kimono with black poker dots on it. And one of her eyes was covered with a bandage. She had also been injured as well,"Sister Kikyo!" The kid panicked running up to her, with a few of the other villagers.

"Lady Kikyo! That wound," said one of the male villagers, in a worried tone of voice.

"You're hurt really badly," the kid said, tears falling from her uninjured eye.

"I won't feel it longer, Kaede. I will be dead soon. So I have one request of you. Here, take this. The shikon-no-tama, which you must burn with my body. It must not be allowed to fall into the hands of those who would abuse it," the woman explained to her sister, handing the jewel to her.

Kikyo winced in pain, one more time before falling down onto the ground, where she then died,"Sister Kikyo!" Kaede yelled, seeing her sister die right in front of her very eyes. However she decided to do as her sister requested of her.

The next day she had her sister's body burnt, along with the shikon jewel. Kikyo's spirit felt a warm feeling as she felt herself crossing over to the afterlife, taking the jewel with her.

(End Flashback)

"The rest of the story after I was pinned to the tree is what her sister Lady Kaede told me," Inuyasha explained.

"Well anyway, thanks for the help you guys." Sakura turned to leave. Inuyasha's story touched her very deeply. She hated anyone breaking up love, even if one of them was a demon.

"Are you leaving already?" Sango asked her.

"I'm sorry, I just don't feel comfortable around demons. And I have to be getting back home to my sister anyway," Sakura told them.

"Will you be alright, heading home?" Kagome asked.

"Yes, I'll be fine Kagome, thanks." Sakura walked away from the group, starting to head back to her and Rin's cave. As Sakura walked on, thoughts of Naraku entered her mind. With a dangerous demon like that lurking around, she was scared for her sister's safety. But as Sakura got close to home she suddenly thought she heard Rin's giggling,'What the hell is she doing all the way out here?' She wondered. She walked and peeked out of a bush, spotting Rin with a small group of a few others.

"Rin, get back here and take your bath!" Jaken yelled at the girl. Rin just giggled, running around, trying to avoid Jaken. He sighed,"Why do I put up with this child?" He also didn't understand why Sesshomaru had agreed to help Rin find her sister, in the first place. To him it was just more trouble then it was wort.

Speaking of Rin, the girl was now dressed a bit differently then she had been the other day. Her ripped and bloody red kimono was replaced with a long orange and white checkered one, that had a green colored tie around her stomach. She held her doll in her hand as she ran around playing, refusing to take her bath.

"Rin, stop this fooling around and take your bath," said Sesshomaru walking up. He had went to check on something and just got back. Whenever Sesshomaru went off somewhere, he always left Rin with Jaken and Ah-Un, leaving Jaken to watch the child.

Rin stopped, snapping to attention at once,"Yes, my lord."

Sakura gasped at seeing Sesshomaru,'She's with demons! That large one with the silver hair and the Mokomoko on his shoulder, he must of kidnapped her. Well, he's not getting away with it, that's for sure!' Sakura drew her bow and arrow, jumping out at Sesshomaru, yelling at him,"Hold it right there demon!"

Sesshomaru turned his head to the woman,"What do you want? Go away, unless you want to die."

"You're the one who will be dying today! Not me!" Sakura yelled. Rin was at the river bathing and didn't notice what was going on.

"So, you really wish to die then. So be it." Sesshomaru pulled out his whip and begun fighting with the priestess. Sakura dodged the whip of light, doing a dodge roll, rolling around like a ball.

"Show that weak human what for, milord!" Jaken called out, standing on the sidelines, watching the battle, next to Ah-Un. The beast was laying down sleeping.

Sesshomaru was pretty impressed. This human was dodging all of his attacks. He'd never knew a human could be this good at fighting,"Impressive. You're managing to dodge all of my attacks. But let's see if you can dodge this one." He mumbled to his Mokomoko. And it jumped off of his shoulder speeding at Sakura.

"I don't think so!" Sakura cried out. She went to dodge the thing. But as she dodged it, Sesshomaru came up from behind her grabbing her neck. He then held her up in the air by her throat. His claws were poised with acid, as he got ready to kill her. Sakura glared down at him in hate, showing no signs or fear, nor pain.

Rin, was singing at the river as she bathed. She then went and got dressed. But just as she did, she noticed what Sesshomaru was doing,'That...that woman! She's my sister!' Rin gasped in her head. She ran up to Sesshomaru just as his claws, dripping with acid were about to go into her neck,"Lord Sesshomaru! Stop! That's my sister!" She cried out, running up to him.

"Your sister?" Sesshomaru at once retracted the acid back into his claws and released Sakura to the ground, letting the woman down gently, being careful not to damage her.

Sakura punched him in the gut, just then, actually getting a gasp of pain from Sesshomaru,"You're not getting off the hook that easily pal! You ****ing kidnapped my sister! I'll kill you for that!" She was in too much of a rage to notice that Rin had just spoken. Sesshomaru jumped out of the way dodging Sakura's attacks. Now he wasn't attacking her back any longer, just dodging her attacks.

"Stop it sister!" Rin cried, tears in her eyes. But Sakura wouldn't listen and kept attacking Sesshomaru who kept on dodging her attacks, one right after another.

Having enough of this fooling around Sesshomaru ran at Sakura, distracting her with his Mokomoko and then pinning her down to the ground,"Now, you listen here, I did not kidnap your sister. She came with me of her own free will." He was very angry right now. Angry with himself, for having almost killed Rin's older sister. He was also angry with the woman, herself for standing up to him, making him look like a fool.

But at the same time, he was very impressed with her. This was the first time any human being had stood up to him and lived to tell about it. But this human was getting on his last nerves. If she didn't stop annoying him so much, he'd have no choice but to kill her, whether she's Rin's sister or not,"Let me go! You're lying!" Sakura yelled, trying to struggle free out of Sesshomaru's grasp. It was no use. He had her pinned down pretty hard, even with only one arm.

"Please! Listen to me Sakura." Rin ran up to her,"Lord Sesshomaru didn't kidnap me. Actually he saved my life. I was killed by a pack of wolves and he brought me back to life, with his Tenseiga."

Sakura gasped,"Rin! You've spoken!"

"Yes, if it hadn't been for Lord Sesshomaru I never would of spoke at all," Rin explained.

Sesshomaru let Sakura up,"Do not attack me again human, or I WILL kill you, whether you're Rin's sister or not."

"Ok, I won't attack you. But I won't let my sister stay with you either. I'm taking her back home, where she belongs," said Sakura, getting up off the ground.

"If you want to take her, go ahead. I'm not stopping you," Sesshomaru told her.

"But Lord Sesshomaru, I don't want to go. I want to stay with you, Master Jaken and Ah-Un," Rin begged.

"Rin, go with your sister," said Sesshomaru.

Rin sighed, hanging her head down low,"Yes Lord Sesshomaru."

The two girls were about to leave when Sesshomaru smelled a demon approaching,"Don't move!" He yelled out. Yelling wasn't really something he did, but he needed to get the girls' attention, to let them know how serious this was.

Rin stopped moving at once, staying completely still, but Sakura wouldn't listen,"Don't tell me what to do!" She yelled at him. She regretted it though, as a giant flying bat looking demon flew down and grabbed Sakura with its claws on its legs and carried her off, making her drop her bow and arrows to the ground. So, now there was no way for her to defend herself. Sakura yelled in panic.

"Sakura!" Rin cried out, tears in her eyes.

Sesshomaru sighed. Why should he even bother? That human woman made him look bad and tried to kill him. But when he saw Rin's tears, he closed his eyes and shook his head,'I don't know why I'm about to do this. I know I'm going to regret it,' he thought, taking up to the sky, chasing after the demon, that was carrying off Sakura.

She looked back and saw Sesshomaru flying after her, his Mokomoko blowing in the wind as it sat on his shoulder,'Just great! I'm being kidnapped by one demon and rescued by another demon. This is just not my day,' Sakura sighed.

The demon took Sakura to its den which was a cave on a very high up ledge on a mountain. There was no ground around the cave, just the cave. The only ground was inside the cave. The den was shaped like a huge pillar sticking up out of the ground. The demon then laid Sakura on its nest in the cave and held her down with a clawed foot, digging in its claws causing the woman to scream in pain. It then leaned down getting ready to eat her when a voice cried out,"I'd release that woman if I were you. If you don't, I'll have to kill you."

Sakura turned her head towards the voice,"Sesshomaru!" She cried out in pain as the demon stomped its foot down on her head next, trying to quiet her down.

At her cries of pain, Sesshomaru ran ahead at the demon at lightning speed flexing his claws with acid as he attacked, trying to get the demon to back away from Sakura. The woman jumped up, trying to keep out of the way of the fight. But as she was trying to stay out of the way, she kept getting pushed back farther and farther to the cave's entrance. Sesshomaru who was distracted by fighting, didn't notice though, until it was too late, and he heard Sakura scream as she fell out of the cave down to the ground below.

Sesshomaru tried to get to her before she hit the ground, but the huge flying demon got in his way, blocking his path. Sesshomaru's eyes turned red in anger,"Out of the way," he ordered. But the demon refused to move. It was then too late, as Sesshomaru then heard a crunch of bones breaking as Sakura hit the ground hard, and died. Now he was very angry. His eyes turned very dark red with the pupils purple. He then transformed into his true form.

Sesshomaru growled in anger as he jumped at the demon, attacking it. Both him and the other demon ended up being pushed outside, into the open air, where they then had an air battle. As they fraught, Sesshomaru looked down at the ground, to see Sakura's body, all mangled up laying in a pool of her own blood. It wasn't a very pretty sight, that's for sure.

Sesshomaru flew at the demon, attacking it. It flew back at him attacking back. As they fraught images of Sakura entered Sesshomaru's mind of her defying him. He didn't know where this woman got off, hating and disrespecting demons the way she does, but he figured maybe there was a reason for it. And he wanted to find out what that reason was. And in order to do that he'd have to win this fight at all costs, so he could bring Sakura back to life and get some answers from her.

'You will not stop me from getting the answers I seek,' Sesshomaru thought to himself, with a growl as he continued attacking the beast. He released some poisonous acid from his teeth into the other demon as he bit into its fur. It howled in pain as it bit Sesshomaru back. He took one of his clawed legs and scratched the demon as it bit into him. It was literally like a dog fight, even though the demon Sesshomaru was fighting wasn't a dog demon, like him.

The fight went on for a long time, until Sesshomaru finally won. His poison took effect and the demon turned to ash. He was somewhat scratched up from the fight, a lot and was bleeding in a few places where he'd been bitten by the demon, but it wasn't too serious. He'd be ok in a day or so.

Sesshomaru flew down to the ground where Sakura laid at, turning back into his human-like form. He then took Tenseiga out of the sheath before it even had a chance to pulse at all, and swung it at Sakura's dead body, cutting down the minions from the underworld. He then pulled the woman into his one arm after putting Tenseiga away. He didn't even care that he was getting blood on his clothes as he did that. He wouldn't of bothered holding her up like that, but he didn't want her chocking to death on the pool of blood and dying again, so soon after being brought back. He then waited for a response from her.

Sesshomaru didn't have to wait long, when Sakura's eyes fluttered opened. She just stared up into his golden eyes for a few moments, blinking her green ones up at him. She was confused as to why he had helped her, after she had insulted him, been mean to him and tried to kill him. She just couldn't understand it at all,"Y...You saved me? Why?" She questioned him.

"I have a few questions for you, Sakura." It was the first time Sesshomaru was using her name,"And I can't get those answers if you are dead. Plus, Tenseiga would of compelled me to bring you back anyway."

"Tenseiga?" Sakura questioned him. She then struggled free, out of Sesshomaru's arm, getting up to her feet. She failed to notice that not only was she back to life but the wounds she'd gotten from the demon were gone as well.

"It's the sword I used to bring you back to life with. I used it on Rin the other day. Unlike most swords, this one does not cut. It can only bring the dead back to life. Now, explain to me, why is it you made me look like a fool and were rude to me? Does it have anything to do with your dislike for demons? Why do you dislike demons? You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. Though, I am curious to know why you insulted me and made me look like a fool." Sesshomaru then stood back, waiting for answers.

"Well you see, I misunderstood. I'm sorry. I thought you had kidnapped my sister," Sakura sighed.

"If I had kidnapped her like you so claim I did, would I really have given her back so easily?" Sesshomaru questioned.

"That's a very good question," said Sakura,"And I guess you do have a point there. Also to answer your other question, the reason I don't like demons is because they killed me and Rin's parents and burnt our whole village to the ground."

Sesshomaru gasped,"You're that Sakura?"

"What do you mean?" Sakura asked him.

"I heard the rumors flying around about your village. They say you're the one who did all the killing and then kidnapped Rin from her parents," he told her.

"I know," Sakura said,"Those rumors are a crude joke and very hurtful. Let me tell you what really happened, that I can remember."

(Flashback from the Prologue)

Rin yelled at the top of her lungs as she stared at her mother's dead body and looked towards the burning down house, where she had just witnessed her father's death as well. Rin backed away in fear, clutching her doll in her hand as the bandit approached her getting ready to kill her.

Just then a scared arrow flew passed Rin, hitting the guy straight though, killing him on the spot as his body turned to dust,"Get the **** away from my sister!" Rin heard Sakura yell.

Rin turned and saw her sister. She ran up to her, hugging her. But Sakura was in too much of a rage to really hug her back. She continued yelling at the bandits, suddenly sounding like she'd lost her mind,"You're going to suffer a very slow, painful death for what you've done! ALL OF YOU!" She actually took out her sword as she sped at all the bandits slashing and cutting like a man woman. Suddenly it was like everything went black. When she came to all the bandits were dead along with all the villagers.

Sakura then noticed the fire was getting closer, so she grabbed her sword putting it back into its holder and grabbing Rin, who was sobbing, holding her doll, turned and ran away from the burning down village, as it burned until it was no more.

After Sakura got Rin to a safe place she sat the child down,"Rin, are you OK?" Rin looked up at Sakura scared as she backed away in fear of her sister,"Rin! Why are you scared of me? You know I wouldn't hurt you. I'm sorry you had to see that. I...I don't know what came over me. It was like I couldn't control myself." She realized that she must of done all that killing and Rin was shocked by it.

Rin hugged her sister sobbing, not saying a word, just crying,"I'm sorry Rin. I know this must of been hard for you. It'll be ok. I'll take care of you. I promise," said Sakura. She picked up her sister into her arms and carried her off until they found a place they could stay. However, the villagers hearing about what had happened would not allow them in the village, so they had to stay in a cave, nearby the village. Ever since their parents died Rin refused to speak.

Sakura figured maybe Rin had just lost her voice from the fire and smoke. Not only did Rin inhale a lot of smoke, she had also been so scared Sakura figured the child had gone mute from fright. She'd get Rin talking one day, she figured. She just had to be patient is all. Just be patient and wait.

(End of Flashback)

"Now this is the first time Rin has talked in years, since our parents died. And I guess I have you to thank for it. Thank you, Lord Sesshomaru. I'm sorry I was rude." Sakura ran at him and hugged him tightly as she cried, getting his chest soaked with her tears. He didn't seem to care that she was hugging him though. He didn't hug her back, but he wasn't stopping her from hugging him either.

Eventually, Sesshomaru pushed her away though, not wanting her scent on him,"Now that's enough. Stop that at once." He was meaning her tears. Sakura at once dried up her tears and stopped crying. It was like she'd never cried in the first place. Sesshomaru then continued talking,"Now, Rin wants to continue traveling with me. What are you going to do? You can either take her with you and leave, or travel with me, to make her happy."

Sakura sighed,"Looks like I have no choice. If Rin really wants to be with you, I'll have to let her and travel with you as well. Plus, I was wrong about you Lord Sesshomaru. I may hate demons, but you're not like other demons. You're kind and very sweet. You brought me back to life without expecting anything in return. I will trust you." She went to walk over to Sesshomaru, when suddenly she felt weak from all the blood she'd lost as everything went dark.

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