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    Woah! You were all right about pretty much everything!

    I'm very disappointed that we didn't actually get to see Duane (thanks for knowing the name, jellicentfan), but it worked better that way concerning the flow of the episode. Morgan was obviously going to be all sorts of messed up, but the actor portrayed it perfectly; much better than I imagined he would. The plot of this episode lined up perfectly with the comic except the ending, so as a serious comic book fan I'm quite pleased.

    I'm actually quite glad Morgan didn't come with Rick and company to the prison, despite the book purist in me. He would have just gotten in the way and bogged down the next few episodes with drama that just isn't needed yet. I hope Rick meets up with him again later on (by choice or not), but right now there's much more going on and the events about to take place between Woodbury and the prison deserve all the screen-time they can get!


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