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So I am just casually outing this deck idea into the works, I am not really trying to crush every match, but I like being able to play a slower Darkrai deck that is a little less competitive. It turns out Speed Darkrai is a bit too fast for the other players to enjoy playing against me.

I am new to the game, as a competitive Magic the Gathering player, I shot straight to Speed Darkrai. I have not really seen much else as far as what cards are available so I don't know what all is out there.

In the spirit of fun, slower games, I want to play Darkai with Electric as my secondary type. I really like searching through my library for specifics, rather than rummaging through it for everything. So I am looking at Emolga and its ability to start searching for 2 basics and that is kind of where I am at. I want a utility deck where I can toolbox various Pokemon up and go from there. Anyone have any ideas of some other toolbox pokemon that search for things other than basics?

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