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    Fire Red Update #3

    Beat Team Rocket at the Game Corner hide out
    I get my 4th Gym Badge!
    Get Eevee!
    Evolve Eevee into our 4th Team mate Jolteon!
    Beat to Pokemon Tower
    Go on to beat Koga the 5th Gym leader!
    Go all the way back to our home town to catch our 5th team mate Tangela
    While I am over here I go to Cinnabar Island and Get our Old Amber to turn into team mate #6 Areodactyl
    Evolve Staryu into Starmie with a water stone I have held onto.
    Go and do the Silph Co.
    Get our 6th badge
    Go and do the Pokemon Mansion
    Get our 7th Badge
    Go get our 8th Badge!
    Beat our Rival in the same spot we faced him earlier in the game ( by the Indigo Plateau)
    Now we are standing infront of Victory Road about to start our Journey into the Elite 4!


    Starmie lvl 61 STATS 114/138/136/119/168 Natural Cure WaterPulse/Recover/BubbleBeam/Surf
    Arbok lvl 59 STATS 109/95/95/102/145 Shed Skin Dig/Acid/Bite/Strength
    Jolteon lvl 61 STATS 101/82/154/136/189 Volt Absorb DoubleKick/Thunder/ShockWave/ThunderWave
    Pidgeot lvl 60 STATS 111/92/106/109/142 Keen Eye AerialAce/SandAttack/WingAttack/QuickAttack
    Tangela lvl 59 STATS 83/138/130/70/77 Chlorophyll VineWhip/GigaDrain/Cut/PoisonPowder
    Aerodactyl lvl 61 STATS 127/103/100/97/170 Pressure WingAttack/HyperBeam/Bite/AncientPower

    Here we come Elite 4!


    We are now the Kanto Pokemon League Champions!

    Alright! 2 Regions down 3 to go!

    Name: jog5454 (HecticX)
    Game: Emerald
    Number of Pokemon: 6
    Restrictions: Gen 1-3 Only, NO NFE's, Different Primary Type for each Pokemon.

    Ultimate Random Challenge Progress: Fire Red 8/8 - Gold 16/16 - Emerald 0/8 - Diamond 0/8 - White 0/8
    Random Challenge Teams:
    Fire Red: Starmie lvl 64, Arbok lvl 60, Pidgeot lvl 60, Areodactyl lvl 62, Jolteon lvl 62, Tangela lvl 60
    Gold: Typhlosion lvl 60, Furret lvl 60, Donphan lvl 60, Ampharos lvl 60, Persian lvl 60, Starmie lvl 60
    Emerald: Scyther lvl 10
    Diamond N/A
    White N/A