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I finally did it! No more sweeping everything I encounter!

I skipped most of the trainers between Sunnyshore City and the Pokemon League, because I was tired of sweeping everything and wanted my battle with the E4 to be more challenging. Barry proved mildly difficult primarily due to his Staraptor having Intimidate. But I managed to beat him on the second try. He was actually more challenging than most of the E4 to be honest.

So, the E4 were pretty easy. Notably, Lucius was the hardest, since I had no moves for Psychic Pokemon. I swept Flint with Earthquake and Bertha with Leaf Blade. As for the Bugsy wannabe, I was able to sweep everything but Vespiqueen for some reason. I even got a Critical hit on Scizor!

Cynthia was the real challenge. I had many close calls. But I got really lucky with Garchomp, who I managed to score a Critical on (Thank you Razor Claw and Psycho Cut). This dropped him to the red, but luckily he had a berry, or I would have had to deal with a Full Restored Garchomp. On top of that, he missed his Dragon Rush, which surely would have killed me as I was below half health by this point. After that the rest was easy.

I'm gonna take a break from this challenge for a while, since I got very bored towards the end. As I said earlier, if I do another, it will be with something like Tentacruel who has really low attacking power.


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