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    Originally Posted by PokemonMasters View Post
    Fennekin ★ PokemonMasters
    Reshiram ★ PokemonMasters
    Infernape ★ Pokemon Masters
    Please re-submit in alphabetical order.

    Originally Posted by Gzomyndzor View Post
    Chansey ★ Gzomyndzor
    Kangaskhan ★ Gzomyndzor
    Lapras ★ Gzomyndzor
    Miltank ★ Gzomyndzor
    (How has no one claimed chansey yet?!?! - yoink ;)!)
    Please resubmit after having 100 posts on PC.

    Originally Posted by Eeveelution Co-ordinator View Post

    [Bidoof] ★ [Eeveelution Co-Ordinator]
    [Glaceon] ★ [Eeveelution Co-Ordinator]
    [Swampert] ★ [Eeveelution Co-Ordinator]
    [Torterra] ★ [Eeveelution Co-Ordinator]
    [Watchog] ★ [Eeveelution Co-Ordinator]
    Please resubmit without brackets.

    Originally Posted by ProfessorJoltz View Post
    Wartortle. :t008:
    Please resubmit using proper format.

    Originally Posted by roosterman View Post
    ah, so this is where the thread is, i'll claim magikarp, meowth and wobbuffet
    Please resubmit using proper format.

    Originally Posted by dbp View Post
    I've read the first page up and down, in and out about 3 times and I still don't get exactly what the point of this is, but I'm down for claiming some Nidos because I'm predictable as heck.

    Nidoran F ★ dbp
    Nidorina ★ dbp
    Nidoran M ★ dbp
    Nidorino ★ dbp

    And then to be slightly different but still obvious...

    Vulpix ★ dbp

    And finally, had to choose between ol' Milly-Mil and Porygon. Porygon wins out on this one.
    Porygon ★ dbp

    Seriously, what are these for? PC cred or something?
    The point of this is fun. And if you would like to participate in this fun, please resubmit your claims in alphabetical order.

    Everything else has been put on the list!

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