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    I can see poverty or work-related oppression being a deep issue talked in these games~ I mean, take a look at some of the well-known trainer classes: burglars, workers, and I don't know.. gamblers? I mean, some people have to reside to thievery to get money and other goods because either they are way too greedy, or, they might have to just to survive. Workers, of course, are workers, but, there was more worker-related classes introduced in BW like... business workers, and so on. Business is a pretty well known job where you'd have to "step on people" to achieve what you want, and generally, when you're "stepped on", you'd most lose the chance to gain the money that you need, and therefore, you'd won't be able to provide you or your family the money that they'd need. Gambler's are pretty self-explanatory; they would spend their own money to gain more money, but, the turn off is that they are in risk of "betting it all" and losing it all in the process.

    So honestly, I think GF should go towards that direction, and teach kids that you know, that in the pokemon world, people can at least be down on their luck, you know? I mean... look, how would the social issue of poverty be of importance for children? How does a parent teach their young child about poverty and hunger when he has a full plate of yummy food in front of him, is well-dressed, and comfortable? They can’t. Yet, they yearn for their child to be aware of these things so that the seeds of compassion might grow in them. They wouldn't want them to grow up thinking they “should” give to those less fortunate than them; they'd want them to grow up realizing how fortunate they are, and how little separates us from becoming less fortunate, and wanting to improve the lives of others. Idealistic? Definitely. Unattainable? Maybe. But nonetheless, I'd think it's a worthwhile pursuit in pokemon.

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