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    Going by the little bits of posts here and there, the community seems to have grown up over time as the 4-10 year-olds that were hit by the fad in 1998-2000 became a next generation with a different set of responsibilities. An extreme example happens with Pokemon Crater where going off to college pretty much excised them from the fanbase. It's by no means hard evidence, but Bulbagarden's long-standing poll to its community about ages has a huge bump in the 1992-births area. It's likely that the birthdates of the community will be slowly moving over as time passes, but seeing as the day of the fad was the time when the franchise really was at its best, it could be said that we're past the point where we can rely on the series's own interest to put the interest in fangaming. Actually, a better way to say it would probably be that the demographic has shifted over.

    I do remember the times when there were always a few games popping up here and there in idea-concept stage. Boy do I miss those days... false hope or not at least there was hope...

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