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    TPC has already stated that they will never think about replacing Ash. It was in an interview some long time ago with the director of the anime. Ash IS the face of the Anime as well as a metaphorical representation of Tajiri Satoshi. They even said that Ash will be used to showcase future regions and adventures as more came along.

    They have also tried replacing Ash with a few other show changes. One with the Johto MC renamed Jimmy which received negative reviews. The second was the attempt at the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon anime which also received negative reviews.

    His reset is to lure in new fans rather than cater to the older ones. The anime's target is solely children of younger age groups. Its also easier to show the character messing up and learning as he goes for the children rather than blatantly explaining everything after the fact has passed in nonchalant ways.

    He's never going to be replaced or removed due to his iconic status as the sole major character(by association majority of his pokemon are protected this way as well) while all his companions are minor characters to varying degrees.
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