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Fara O'Shay
Violet City - ???
The view of the city was astonishing to Fara as she hadn't expected the city to look this wonderful. Fara blinked and when she opened her eyes she noticed that they were no longer in Violet City... What was going on? She wasn't sure if this was some new addition to the game because this most certainly didn't happen when Amell played SoulSilver. Birdie and herself were now standing on a cliff, a cliff that seemed to be nowhere near Violet City. Fara peered below only to see that their were strong waves crashing into the cliff that they were now standing on.

Around them were different landscapes, a beach in one direction while a forest type place in another. Fara racked her mind, she wanted to know how they had gotten here and when could they get back to Violet City. She had to be the first to beat Faulkner, if she let someone else do it they would receive all the credit and Fara would get none. Plus, people were probably forgetting about The Slayer, she needed to plant rumors in the players minds once more. She turned around to speak to Birdie after hearing his question when she saw what he held in his hand, a PokeEgg! How did Birdie get that before she did? No matter, she'd simply take it.

"Wow, let me see!" Instead of waiting for her partner to hand over the gray egg Fara tugged it out of his hands, he didn't seem to want to let go. That was a problem but she would do something about that because in the end the egg would be hers no matter what. "I say we go to the beach, there seems to be at least buildings!"

Without waiting another moment Fara twirled around and headed toward the beach with the PokeEgg in her hands. Her head started to fill with thoughts on what exactly this egg contained, what if it was something bad? This game had just taken them to some uncharted place that wasn't, to Amell's recollection of the Johto region, in the actual games. Also, if they ended up at the beach Fara would be given the chance to catch some water type Pokemon that she wanted to round out her team. Playfully she began tossing the egg up and down, a little higher each time, what would Birdie do if she pretended to drop it? She assured herself that it would be quite the reaction to see and wanted to test it out at a later date.

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