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Takumi Makkusu - Classroom 13

As I took my seat in class, I saw how damaged Higoroshi-sensei was. What happened to him? This can't be good news. Just about everyone was in class now, so Sensei began his announcement. It had something to do with a group that go by the name of Fairytale. Funny name for such a dark group, but Sensei went in more deep in the story. Apparently, they plan to...kill all humans. Oh, oh god.

I was struck with fear. Everything around me seemed dull in comparison. Why why why?! Why did I end up in this school?! I'll die if I don't get out of here! I'm the only one here who's human!

The story also had some guy named Oz. He's also part of Fairytale. The he** I'm going to the graveyard! I just need to head back home. Fairytale is here in Youkai Academy. I'm not safe here. Even the teachers had trouble with Oz. Let's see... The way I came in to this Academy, I can go back the other way around. I should pack up then. I just hope I can make it back to the entrance.

Once class is truly over, I leave the classroom & head for my dormroom. I step inside... Once I leave this place, I'll be safe...

I'll be back home, where it's safe.

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