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    Originally Posted by Razor Leaf View Post
    What I've been finding weird about BL2 lately is how, every time I do a new playthrough, it's so much more enjoyable than the last. I had a great time playing as Zer0, an amazing time being Maya, and now I'm playing as Axton and good luck dragging me away from him! I've just found that there are so many ways you can play it even though you've only got four distinct characters playing the same story every time. The replayability factor in this game's just gigantic. What do you guys think?
    I couldn't agree more! I had more fun playing Salvador than I did Axton or Zer0, but they're all fun! I find the best thing to do once you've gotten through the game, farmed until your eyes are bleeding, and have exhausted all value from beating challenging enemies is to grab a version of WillowTree and just mod your guns until they're perfect.

    I've been playing around with an Unkempt Harold that shoots 47 shots at once! Combined with The Bee (even the new one), I was able to take down Hyperius in 4 shots! Unfair as anything, but once you've beaten the raid bosses so many times it feel fantastic to just tank them immediately.
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