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Chapter 2.

The man walked down the street with confident strides. The red, leather-bound briefcase in his right hand was heavy, but he carried it as if it where weightless. As he walked around the corner, a smirk formed on his face. He knew everything was going according to plan. She is beautiful. He ginned. And she is mine.
Something sparkled in the man's hand when he came from behind her and reached for her. She was beautiful. She was a trophy. "Officer Jenny," said the man, placing a firm hand on her shoulder "I see you have everything under control."
"Yes, sir," she replied. "We even found a fragment."
"So, there was one here, also."
"It's being analyzed, sir," said Officer Jenny as she looked at the man. Commander Arrangoza was tall and built like a competitive bodybuilder. When she had first joined the force, his handshake alone gave Jenny the sense that he was definitely the man in charge of the Crescent City police force. His deep voice and deep eyes only added to his persona. She soon found out that the man who looked like a bull waiting to go on a rampage was instead a calm man. Since day one, he had shown Jenny nothing but kindness and support.
"And who might this be?" asked Arrangoza, shifting his eyes toward Oliver.
"This is Oliver," said Officer Jenny. "He is the son of the victim from this house."
Oliver extended his hand and Arrangoza caught it in a handshake. Immediately, Oliver wished he had kept his hand to himself. Discretely shaking his hand in pain, Oliver looked at Charmander, who was clinging to his jeans. "Are you okay, boy?"
Charmander gave Arrangoza a frightened look.
"What a beautiful Charmanded," said the Commander. "He is a tough looking one. Judging by the flame of his tail, I would say this one should be a Charizard already. He is not the type to evolve, is he?"
"You can tell all that just by looking at him?" Oliver asked.
"Of course he can," said Office Jenny. "Commander Arrangoza is one of the most respected Fire-type trainers. The ring on his right hand is known as the Ring of Fire, which means that he was mastered each of the Fire-type starter Pokemon of every region. It also means that his team is among the strongest in the world."
Anthony looked at the golden ring. A large ruby was shinnying on it so brightly, that it seemed as if it were going to catch on fire at any moment.
"Now, now, Officer," said Arrangoza. "You give me too much credit."
"On the contrary sir, I don't give you nearly enough."
They both laughed among themselves.
"Well, what about my mom?"
"Good question," said the Commander. "We will collect all the evidence we can here and use it to find her."
"I'm coming with you," said Oliver with the same determination as before. Arrangoza noticed it.
"Great. I was hoping you would offer. No one knows your mother better than you, so you would know if she left any indication of where she was being taken or who the attacker was.
Oliver nodded.
"Sir, we found something," said a man dressed in white.
"What is it?"
"I think you are going to want to see this."

To be continued.
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