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Allister Curtis

Allister walked through a large door to see a large, intricately designed fountain that... was frozen solid. Weird he thought to himself before realising that the mage he'd been looking for had his hand in said fountain and was probably stuck
"Hey you! Can you give me a hand!?" Well that confirmed it, Allister strode over to his moody classmate thinking to himself all the while
and this, is why you need to be careful when experimenting with magic.

Standing by the other boy, who was certainly in a predicament, he selected his words carefully
"collique glacies" he said as he waved his had over a patch of the frozen fountain. Without any head the atomic structure of the ice began to looses and move faster and further away and then, at once all the ice had turned to water.
"Do I even want to know what the fountain did?" quipped Allister, but his remark wad drowned out by a large cracking noise.

Allister turned to the fountain as, due to the sudden change in temperature, several large cracks ran up it, and eventually the old fountain crumbled with only a small part left standing in a puddle of water and wreckage.
"You would think... that I would have thought of that" he stated, blank faced, "it appears this fountain was just asking for it then".

Watching as his fellow mage tested his newly freed hand Adrian extended his
"I'm Allister Curtis, nice to finally meet you. We have a lot we need to talk about, but I'd suggest we head for the cafeteria before someone sees we broke the fountain".

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