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Originally Posted by flygonstorm View Post
I improved my sign up and corrected spelling errors
Your appearance part is still really short. Don't just say that he looks like Steven, tell us what Gale really looks like :)

Also there are still a lot of inconsistencies regarding grammar and spelling. But that'll improve over time as long as you try your best to read through your texts an extra time before posting, right?

Originally Posted by 雷影 イチロ View Post
Red, Falkner has yet to be defeated, correct? And are you also able to double back through the cave once you get to Route 45/46?
Yes. And yes. You cannot go north to Blackthorn though. There's still a limit to game mechanics.
Originally Posted by jasonwolf View Post
why can they go to that route? dark cave is one way until you have strength i believe.
Originally Posted by jasonwolf View Post
Fair enough just curious since its normally late game over there.
That boulder you used to need STRENGTH for is simply gone in MAO. It wasn't meant to be like that, it's sort of a bug. But it'll be dangerous on Route 45/46 since the pokémon and trainers there are strong.

MAO's Johto will continue to be difficult to plan ahead in. Sorry ;)

Originally Posted by TheRabid View Post
I would love if you could reserve me a spot.

Name: Kevin Maple
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Nature: Calm
Appearance: A young pirate with brown shaggy hair. Standing at 5'11 this dusty lad has served his time as sailor of the seas. Like he says a captain is nothing with out his loyal crew.
His Crew:

His first pokemon
Totodile- Calm nature
Bubble, Scratch, Bite, Rage

Hatched from an egg
Magby- Relaxed nature
Ember, Smog, Faint Attack, Fire Spin

Caught in the wild
Aipom- Jolly nature
Scratch, Tickle, Astonish, Tail whip
Unfortunately, I think we're full up on reservations now. Besides, you didn't really read the first post, I presume :> I hope you'll find another RP to your liking!

@ Retro, I'll post a reply to your situation later today! I hope.

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