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    Tentative hack storyline: a new evil team (Team Gemini) thinks it has learned its lessons from the defeat of the Aqua and Magma teams. Their vision of the perfect universe centers on opposites complementing each other, working in harmony instead of conflicting (as Team Aqua and Team Magma did). Much like the Gen IV villains, Team Gemini believes that two legendaries will need to be summoned and controlled to force their vision of balance onto the would. (Whether to use existing legendaries or create new ones, I'm not sure at this point; once Nintendo officially gives stats to the Creator Pokémon, what do you do for an encore? )

    Even the gyms in my new region (still unnamed) have succumbed to Team Gemini's obsession with balanced opposites: eight of them exist as usual, but each has two leaders representing an opposing pair of types (such as Fire/Water, Flying/Ground, etc.). Trainers must defeat both leaders in a double battle to earn their badges, but the player has help; an old childhood friend who's working for the same badge between his own adventures.

    But where do the Normals fit in? Under Team Gemini's laws, only their affiliated trainers and researchers may keep Normal-type Pokémon captive; no one else (so the team claims) understands the inherent balance of Normality. Be prepared to face Team Gemini agents more often if your player has caught the "wrong" Pokémon! Of course, the twin brothers who lead the team have collected quite a few impressive Normal-types...

    Working title for this game: Pokémon Dual Alliance. Sound interesting enough to play?

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