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I'm usually excited every year on the Road to Wrestlemania, but for some reason this year isn't doing it for me. Most of the matches that have been announced/all but confirmed have pretty predictable outcomes (Cena beating The Rock, Del Rio beating Swagger then Ziggler cashing in, CM Punk losing to Undertaker...). The only likely match to this point that I'm not so sure about is HHH vs. Lesnar, since either guy winning it would make sense.

What I think I'm more interested in is the undercard, with guys like Cesaro, Jericho, Ryback, Bryan/Kane and The Shield yet to be booked into any matches. Granted, all these guys could be thrown into predictable matches too (Shield vs. Ryback/Bryan/Kane, Jericho vs. Ziggler, Cesaro vs. Miz), but I expect all these guys to bring their A game to Mania, so they should be fun to watch either way.

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