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Ahhh phillip you're so amazing. I loooooove the way you color stuff and incorporate lighting in your works. Mostly in your recent ones. Lighting in both Y-Chan and drill pokemon thingy work is really good. <333; and dat hair in the y-chan piece, man. You really did put some work into the hair and it shows. They look really nice. <3; Coloring is top-notch, to boot. Give your works to any graphic artist and they'll probably say that the colors are awesome and there isn't much they can do to make the colors any better than they already are. ;]

the new y-chan piece is kawaii as heck too. I don't really have much to say about the new one. Awesome, as always. :DDD

Sorry this comment wasn't as good/long/critique-ful (ain't a word ikr) as me regular posts. Exam time, ya see. But yeah, keep posting your stuff here and letting me drool over them. Being able to ogle at those smexy pieces you draw is one of the greatest blessings for me. <3;

on an unrelated note, why just use her butt in your signature? You could've used her whole body (wait that came out so dirty). I mean, she's beautiful!!!
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