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    Originally Posted by Jake♫ View Post
    I don't really see either of those happening. Arbok is kind of established how it is, and if they gave Seviper an evolution they'd have to give on to Zangoose as well, since they're a pair. Zangoose is already strong enough as it is, so I'm just not seeing it.
    a lot of pair pokemon have had one evolve and the other not, like the jynx magmar electabuzz but i think jynx didn't get an evo for a reason that would be so broken blizzard + jynx = x_x

    Originally Posted by Jake♫ View Post
    If anything I think Weezing is fine as it is, there's no real need for an evolution and adding some sort of third...head-thing would just look awkward on it. If it were to happen, I'd also expect to see a Muk evolution, but what can a pile of goop really evolve into?
    more goop!
    what would be the difference between grimer and muk?
    so far (may change)
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