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I believe that Gen V's kind of gates were more or less just to show technological advancement more than anything else. I don't personally believe that would change too significantly with this generation. :x After all, how much more prevalent can gates be? It just seems like, in each and every generation(at least after III) they get more and more "in your face", but yet they're kind of ignored at the same time.

...I mean, I ignore them, anyway, if you're talking about the billboards. u_u

I'd just like to see a better purpose in gates, but what other purpose could they serve other than to cross between two routes? I suppose a PC in these gates would help, since it should be noted that important plot and storyline occurances usually happen as soon as you approach a new route/city, so it would stand to reason that the player would prepare for battle before heading out to said route/city. Other than that, I don't really think that they should be changed much, maybe made fancier? I guess I don't mind the whole "in your face" thing after all, since gates do a fine enough job at what they do best.

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