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Okay, I've been playing pretty much all night and I have class to go to so I'm going to update this now!

Pokemon Silver
Number of Badges: 4


*Started a new game, named myself silver
*Went to professor elm and received Chikorita
*Did the whole "Go to see Prof. Oak" skit
*Met my rival halfway and easily kicked his butt
*Got back, named my rival A (Cause I was too lazy to finish his name)
*Was given 5 pokeballs, got my mom to keep some of my money and I was off to go!
*Using said Chikorita, I was able to catch Nicky (Hoothoot), Mike (Rattata), and Geo (Geodude) with only 1 pokeball used for each.
*Put chikorita up and started to grind for some decent levels (level 5 for each of the pokemon).
*Went to Cherrygrove, grabbing the berry along the way, got the map, healed my pokemon and then went up route 30, grinding and grabbing all the items
*Got to Violet City and, after a quick stop at the poke center, went straight to bell tower for some more training.
*Went through Bell Tower, grabbing all the items, and defeated my rival as well as the monk at the top. Walked back through (for levels and because I didn't want to use my items up)
*After another quick stop at the poke center for healing and the egg, I went to violet gym, easily defeated it with my 3 pokemon.
*Went down Route 32, grabbing the berry and miracle seed (not that I needed it), grinded a bit to get my pokemon to level 12, a quick poke center stop, and then off to Union Cave, where I died a few times thanks to onix and geodude before being able to get through.
*Down in Azelea Town, grabbed the white apricorn, and then talked to Kurt to have him to to the Slowpoke Well.
*Down in the Well I was able to easily beat Team Rocket and then back to azelea town to get Kurt to start on the pokeball (after getting the lure ball)
*To the gym, I was able to defeat it quite easily thanks to Nicky's peck, which caused Nicky to evolve.
*Fighting my rival again, I was able to easily defeat his pokemon with mine, mainly thanks to Nicky evolving and hypnosis.
*Through Ilex Forest, I caught a Paras, which I taught cut, to get through (Tried using it for a bit and it kept dying so I boxed it in goldenrod)
*More grinding on Route 34-35, which got Mike to evolve into a raticate and the egg I received to hatch into a Togepi (Togi).
*Went through Goldenrod first for the bike then off to the gym for a almost lose (only winning with Togi using metronome and getting slash)
*Grabbed the squirt bottle, went back through Route 35, catching a male Nidoran (Owen) with the last 2 pokeballs I had, and then defeated sudowoodo.
*More grinding to get Owen to evolve and then off to the Ecruteak gym, where I was defeated many times (I think around 4 times) thanks to my lacking amount of pokemon and almost all normal types
*Went to poke center, got bill to go back to goldenrod, healed and then back to the gym, where I won thanks to Hypnosis.
*Back to Goldenrod for the Eevee (Dex) and then back to Ecruteak to defeat the sisters and partially go through burned tower for a few items. Also went into Route 42 for the Ultra Ball.
*Back to Ilex Forest for the headbutt guy and off to Route 29, where I spent about a few hours doing nothing but headbutting (I taught Mike) trees. I was able to catch an Aipom (Lee) by using my greatball and ultra ball (To give you a way to figure out how long I spent, I was able to get Geo up 1 level to evolve and then Owen up about 4 levels)
*Went to Olivine City's Lighthouse to promise Jasmine help
*Currently walking/grinding and trying to see what pokemon i should use my lure ball (and last pokeball) on.

Current Pokemon:

Current Team:

Nicky (Noctowl)- Caught with pokeball- Level 28

Geo (Geodude)- caught with pokeball- Level 26

Mike (Raticate)- caught with pokeball- Level 27

Owen (Nidorino)- caught with pokeball- Level 26

Dex (Eevee)- Given- Level 20

Togi (Togepi)- Hatched (Egg was given)- Level 14

Other Pokemon:

Chikorita- Given
Lee (Aipom)- caught with ultra ball- Level 10
Paras (Paras)- caught with pokeball- Level 6

I'll probably update this after I get out of class.

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