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At first, you have normal abilities, which Pokemon had to increase their battle potential, which was introduced in Gen III. Gen V more or less took it in the right direction with Dream World abilities(even though I dislike Dream World itself, but that's not relevant to the topic). At the same time, B2W2 introduced Hidden Abilities, which I believe were just Dream World abilities without actually going into DW itself.

But would a Hidden Ability system be useful by any means, of course! It would add a hell of a lot more variety in some Pokemon, and I know that some Pokemon that need it more than others(Politoed and Ninetails, other than having those godforsaken weather abilities that makes OU such a pain). A secondary Hidden Ability wouldn't be so bad as well, but I wouldn't overdo it on abilities in case some Pokemon become overpowered because of them. xD;

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