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Originally Posted by TweenyTodd View Post
I think I did something wrong...
When I imported the first picture of Darkrai, it replaced the picture of the main character standing. It also changed Darkrai's pallet to match the main characters, which messed it all up. How can I insert without it replacing an old sprite?
Sorry for being a newb...
Hmm... if it turned into red's palette, that means that you have to press the drop-down and select ''All'' which changes all the palettes. Remember to change the frame as you change the direction Darkrai is facing. I think it is not possible to add the OWs into a completely new frame, but I may be wrong because there is a FireRed Hacked Engine which provides space for 60k++ OWs. Oh, and if u dun want to replace the hero's sprite, just move the frame to another ''calife'' npc which is not used too much, for example, that TeachyTV guy.
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