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You know, as I looked back at Sinnoh from Gen 4 and Unova from Gen 5, they've seemed to be more technologically advanced. However, it was not to say that the technology was advanced in Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn, but, the later generation of pokemon games seemed to be more and more technologically dependent.

I mean look: Generation I and II introduced the Power Plant facility, where they've converted the electrical currents from the water to make their own Motor Cars available. Generation II also introduced radiowaves, where it was possible for the townsfolk to listen to the radio. Team Rocket also planned to harness the power of the radio waves to force pokemon to evolve, or basically make pokemon to their bidding. Gen III had their own brand of technology too, but it wasn't as potent.

However, later on, in Generation 4, there was more research of wind power, and solar power, which helped create more products that were more energy efficient. Take a look at Sunyshore City; the city built solar panels to use for power and roads. There are suspended roads throughout the city that collect solar energy to power the city. In the Valley Windworks, the researchers harness wind energy via giant windmills and converts it into electricity. From those types of energy consumpton, they've created more ways to use their own technology such as, they've created a more technologically-dependent building for the Sinnoh League.

In Generation V, they've made more possible ways to use electricity and technology. They've made gates with electronic billboards, and more technologically-dependant cities such as Nimbasa City, Castelia city, and if you've played Pokemon Black and Pokemon Black 2, Opelucid City with it's technological appearance. Gyms seemed to be more technologically advanced too; there were statues of dragons in the Opelucid City gym where you ride on it's talons, and Driftveil's City Gym let's you ride on more elevators, and there was even roller coasters in the old Nimbasa City's gym. There was even more innovative ways to use this technology, with a new inferred system. Perhaps Generation V was more technologically dependent or advanced because Unova based off of America, but...

What would technology be like for the region of Pokemon X&Y? Would you prefer it be more technologically advanced than the previous generations? Or, would you prefer that the techology be not as advanced? Furthermore, how often should this technology be used? Would it be more dependent for cities, or would the cities be more simple? Also, where would the energy for this technology come from? Could this region run on solar panels, electrical currents, wind power, or maybe something entirely different? Do you have any other thoughts on this?

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