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Give me more routes that are paved. Yes, I see this as a technological advancement, even if its not electronic. I loved the way Unova gave us routes that were not only actual roads, but had huge backyard areas for you to train and grind in. It felt like a world that was only developed in places absolutely necessary, leaving nature untouched and only taken advantage by those who feel in tune tune more then anyone with it, the trainers themselves. What I really want is the extension to route 23 past the gate almost everywhere, except you, know less strength puzzles. It was so refreshing to find something that for a while felt almost limitless and vast.
Abolish the HM's, now that's a technological feat. Subways taking you places like they should be, Pokemon swimming without the need of a disc, and, if god willingly, some sort of sharp object that allows you to cut down those damn trees. You see I don't mind the roadblocks HM's provide, I just hate the waste of a space the moves need and how horrible it feels to catch a Pokemon just for HM slaving.

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