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Hey Chrisaur, you seem quite new to the Pokemon TCG meta-game !

There are plenty of deck choices around currently, it all depends which one you would like to play. You can check out sites such as Sixprizes, The Top Cut and Pokegym/Pokebeach will have Pokemon fans posting their deck lists or what they are currently working on.

If you want a small summary of the meta-game currently here are the top decks currently:
Blastoise/Keldeo-EX/Black Kyruem-EX
Darkrai-EX variants
Hydregion variants
Eelektrik variants

There are probably a few other decks out there and the list above is in no particular order. There is no "unbeatable" deck which is the most popular right now, the closest in popularity could be Blastoise using Keldeo-EX and Mewtwo-EX or Black Kyurem-EX.

See which one takes your interest and then you can look into the strategy of that particular deck.
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