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I don't really see it as being that much more technologically advanced than B2W2's was, though it'd be interesting to see them at least go the extra mile to make more cities a lot like Castelia and whatnot. :3

Also this:

Abolish the HM's, now that's a technological feat. Subways taking you places like they should be, Pokemon swimming without the need of a disc, and, if god willingly, some sort of sharp object that allows you to cut down those damn trees. You see I don't mind the roadblocks HM's provide, I just hate the waste of a space the moves need and how horrible it feels to catch a Pokemon just for HM slaving.
I feel that, with true advancement comes the opportunity for the game to offer you the chance for you to go places in your own. Sure, you need your Pokemon to Surf, and perhaps Fly(maybe), but why not take an airplane that's available, or perhaps a subway or a train like the above poster has mentioned? Something like that would be definitely exceeding a lot of people's expectations, I'd imagine.

Also, where would the energy for this technology come from? Could this region run on solar panels, electrical currents, wind power, or maybe something entirely different? Do you have any other thoughts on this?
I'd like to see some cities in this generation that actually run off all three, to be honest. Meaning, One city that runs off electrical currents, one that runs on wind power, and one that runs off solar panels, and heck, there could even be a city that could run off hydroelectric power, now that would be something I'd like to see. XD

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