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    Originally Posted by jog5454 View Post
    My idea for the Sudowoodo one is well to me he always seemed like a want to be rock/grass type. So I was thinking make him look a little more like a tree in a way with huge stones/boulders for feet. Just little things like that.

    What about a Relicanth evolution???
    I don't think Relicanth will ever evolve due to it being based on a living fossil that hasn't evolved irc from the times of when beasts roamed the earth.

    Also dinosaurs were born from eggs, and some of them were quite those who say it seems odd it's not really,especially for those based on dinosaurs/dragons. What's odd is imagining a 10-16 year old carrying that thing around...maybe the eggs are super compressed like the pokeballs which may explain why pokemon usually don't mind being stuck in them as it may be natural for them.
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