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Originally Posted by WishCookie View Post
1. Well, I just looked up the abillity and its an immune abillity right? It absorbs electric-type moves and raises the pokemon's Sp.Attack. But will this abillity work ingame? 'Cause my Goldeen still got it ingame and Goldeen/Seaking are the only water pokemon who can get that abillity. When you say ''only use in their dreams'' how do you mean?

2. Well, it can only be obtained in America according to Serebii? I just checked their 2013 event information and march 4th is today for me.
1. LightningRod makes the Pokémon immune to Electric moves and boosts its Special Attack instead. Goldeen and Seaking aren't good Pokémon to use, and they have subpar Special Attack, so the ability is a gimmick at best, unless you really want that Electric immunity.

2. It can also be obtained in Canada if memory serves me right.