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    Accatosh "Blitzkrieg" Corronis

    Within second's of Vigil's Arrival to the Golduck's throne, everything disappeared, eventually there was nothing left but the Gold Tribe, The Golduck and a group of psychics. Accatosh after finding out that this was all a game of mind was rather angered, and the stuck up Abra was about three seconds from becoming an Abra-ka-bob. Accatosh felt a thud on his shoulder, he glanced over where it came from to hear and see Truestriker apologize, Accatosh couldn't help but smile he understood completely why the Galade had punched him, "don't worry about it brother, I think it would be better if we spared to take out our anger, so next time feel free to ask..." before he could continue there was an outburst of anger and tears coming from a white Ninetales that was with a Golurk and a rather tall Liligant, and joined with the rest of the group during the battle. He sensed her anger, fresh and alive, yet it was fueled by something else, sadness, morning, from the sound of it. He turned his head to the group of Psychics, particularly the Abra, "seems like you, yourself are a few berries short of a bushel. don't you know it's unwise to upset a Ninetales, not even a dragon would dare anger one. it might be wise to explain EVERYTHING, before I HAVE to help our sister here, get answers." he smiled menacingly, thinking of over a dozen methods he could use to get the information they want.