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Theoretically, it would be interesting to be brought up in a Pokemon game, but how? I suppose aside from the trainer classes(thief, workers, etc), there's not much room for poverty as well as some tougher issues like depression to be included in games like this. When you're playing a Pokemon game, you have to realize that your objective is, more or less to at least become a champion of your respective Pokemon league as well as beat all of the gyms and whatnot. How much room is there in the game to really put in there the different types of social issues that might arise throughout the game? I feel that it would just leave more questions than answers, because social issues is just an umbrella term for so many other issues, such as depression, poverty, the whole none yards!

I mean, when you think about the demographics of this game, children are going to ask a lot of questions, and most of them probably aren't really exposed(at least, to a more potent level) to the "dark side" of today's world, so to speak. There's a lot more than just poverty as well as psychological issues, of course! There's greed, there's corruption as well as tons of other things, but that would darken the general mood of Pokemon, since, at least in the spirit of things, Pokemon is supposed to be cheerful, uplifting, and generally be a game that elicits positive feedback, moods, happiness, as well as other related emotions.

It would be interesting at least as far as the older audience goes, but not without the consequences towards the younger audience. Either they won't understand it, or chances are, they'll probably exaggerate it more than what it is. Education is a good thing, but it's how you teach them and through what medium you use that matters. Conveying that lesson through Pokemon isn't really a very good idea, to me.

EDIT: I suppose having an evil team as far as symbolizing certain societal issues is a good idea, but to an extent; I don't think anything too powerful should make its way into a Pokemon game, at any rate.

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