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If the fifth generation is anything to go by (and I like to think that it is), then I think we can expect the main game of X/Y to be reasonably long. We know there's going to be an enemy team, we know there's going to be 8 gyms and a League (not that it's been confirmed, but... well, why wouldn't there be?). The only thing I worry about is the postgame, if I'm honest. In the initial games of a generation- since Generation 3- the gameplay after the League just comes to a disappointing halt. RBY set the bar, GSC blew that outta the water, and then RS.. Sadface. Just a battle Tower, no Tohjo. I know, I know, it was a lot to expect, but still.
Same with Diamond and Pearl- although at least there was a BIT more to the Battle Tower, and the Survival area, etc.
Same with BW- while there were a good few areas to explore afterwards, it just didn't feel all that special. Whereas B2W2...
Well, there just seems to be so much awesomeness that it was great. Problem is, I don't think they'll get away with sticking the World Tournament in X/Y, so I'm finding it hard to think of what they COULD include to make the postgame decent. Because of this, I'm going to try to not expect too much, and just see how it goes.

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