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    Originally Posted by bobandbill View Post
    Re: CYOA
    People could maybe post in order in the thread/a separate sign up thread, and it'd go by that order unless the person is unavailable by the time they posted. Time limit... well, no more than a week at most I think. Lastly also need a length (say a page or two as a rough guide? People can do more if they want of course).
    Seems reasonable. Perhaps a little less than a week, though - I get the feeling that a full seven days might cause the game to fossilise before completion.

    As for catchy titles, I'm afraid I'm at a loss.

    Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
    Saw this thread title and it made me wonder if some kind of game/contest/event with one of those Choose Your Own Adventure creation programs was happening. I just started playing with one called Twine. Seems you're looking for ideas, and ones that are more interactive in nature though. Still, since I'm here I thought I'd drop off the idea. It might be the kind of things that appeals more to game makers than writers though.
    That's an excellent idea. I've played about with Twine before, and it certainly appeals to me as a writer; I'm sure there are others in this forum that would feel the same way. I could certainly see a contest arising from it, although I'm not sure what else we could do with it that would involve the community. Perhaps something could be created by the writing community as a whole... but then again, that would be more easily done via the previously-suggested route of creating a regular CYOA story.


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