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    Just a correction to the original post: gates had a use since Gen 1, but it was not so much to give the player something to do, it was above all for technical reasons. In Gen 1 and 2 at least, gates existed mostly between locations that used different tilesets (for those who don't know what it is: sets of terrain graphics in 2D games, like grass, houses, caves) , and they couldn't change tilesets while keeping the transitions between maps seamless. Basically, the gates were an excuse to unload the map, change the graphics to something slightly different and load it again.

    And even in Gen 5, you sometimes had gates that were obviously needed to connect locations with completely different graphics (Route 4 comes to mind) or camera behavior (for example, Skyarrow Bridge and Castelia) . Even though it might seem that in Gen 5 they more or less gave up on trying to keep the transitions seamless, since we have outdoor maps with obvious edges, past which the camera wouldn't go and sudden door-type transitions occurring outside in Castelia and Nimbasa, the gates were out there to keep such very obvious transitions between maps few and far between. I think they'll return more or less in the same form in Gen 6 for the same purpose.

    OK... I'm done being a nerd for now :) .

    The electrical billboard from Gen 5 is great and really useful, so if there's one thing I want to keep from Gen 5, it's this.

    A nice addition, IMHO would be a bulletin board where NPCs would post different announcements, so you would know what to do in the town you're going to, besides the obvious "heal Pokémon, fight Gym Leader" thing. For instance, something like "Bikes on sale. Miracle Bike" or "Will trade Jynx for Polywag. Old man in the house with the blue roof".

    I also hope the binoculars from Gen 1 make a comeback, only now I want to be able to see what the character sees, not just read about it.

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