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    Andrew "Andy" Rede

    Andy bared his teeth now, wrinkling his nose. This way this girl was talking to Kiki... The way she was talking to him... It wasn't right. There was no way out of this situation. Catches was raring to go at it, kicking dirt at the girl gently as so not to hurt her. Kiki was clearly upset by this girl's insults, and that tipped a weight over in Andy's mind. Stepping forward, Andy brought his hand into a fist, using the other to jab a finger in Jen's direction.

    "Where do you get off, challenging new trainers to battles? You call Kiki a moron for not studying behavior elsewhere where she could learn more, yet you're here pecking at the scraps like us instead of fighting battles with people of your own calibre? Doesn't that make you far more pathetic than even a pair of newbies, you hypocrite?" Andy inhaled after his sentence, shooting a dark glare at Jen. "And what's more, what would you be without your pokémon? Nothing. You'd be weak and helpless. Just like the rest of us." Andy laughed triumphantly, taking a stance. "Well... Most of us, anyway."

    Andy didn't like being this way, but he had to admit, it felt good to be getting into things. He would show that he was no person's punching bag. He would lose this with dignity, and then go on to train Catches to beat her singlehandedly one day. No. He wouldn't do it to humiliate her, Jen didn't deserve that. But he would keep training. He and catches were going to reach the top, no matter the test. And starting now, it was go time. "I accept your challenge, witch." Andy sighed and signaled Jen to come at him as Catches took up his place in front of his trainer. With a grin, Andy finished. "Hurry up, I don't have all night."

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