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I think I've said this before, but, from the beginning, yes, I'd prefer a Easy, Normal, Hard, and Expert setting too, because y'know, I find pokemon games to be incredibly easy nowadays, even if it's in a generation with a set of new pokemon I haven't seen before; usually all I'd do is read them in the pokedex and come up with future strategies. ;_: Plus, the computer's AI of switching in pokemon after one of theirs is KO'd, kind of makes it obvious that they would send in a pokemon that counters mine. I kind of want a challenge mode that is beyond hard mode too, y'know? I mean, in B2W2, +5 levels and a higher AI... it still seemed a tad too easy. I'd like the AI to be even higher, with more levels (maybe like... 8 or 10 more?) With better items, better pokemon, etc. etc.

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