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    Ok, so first update!


    Started off by picking up my new Totodile from professor Elm. I completed all my beginning stuff and defeated ???, and proceeding to name him Gold. I guess I didn't think about how long it would be before I found another water pokemon, but I started off my journey with my trustworthy Totodile. We made it through Sprout Tower and took down Falkner easily

    Shortly after, he evolved into a Croconaw and we continued on our way. After looking for a Wooper for about 1 hour, I finally concluded that I must be looking at the wrong time of day and decided to come back later. So I went on and defeated Team Rocket before also challenging Bugsy. Once again, it was no match for Totodile.

    After the battle, I went back and caught a Paras to be my short lived Cut slave. Croconaw and I continued along our way to see Whitney, who went down surprisingly easily. (Forgot to take the picture of the battle)

    With an easy way to get back to the beginning, I went back and caught my next pokemon. Croconaw also evolved into a Feraligatr along the way.

    Leveled up Wooper until it evolved into a Quagsire, and then just a bit more for good measure. Taught both pokemon to surf and went to take on Morty.

    I tried to get Quagsire involved against Gengar, but it proved to not be very effective so Feraligatr had to come in in the end. After, I picked up a Poliwag, Tentacool, Chinchou to round out my team. The last member is yet to be determined.

    Current Team:
    Level 28
    Ice Punch

    Level 36
    Ice Punch

    Level 30
    Ice Punch

    Level 20

    Level 20
    Thunder Wave

    By the way, would I be allowed to hack in a Water Stone for Poliwhirl at some point?