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    Originally Posted by Greiger View Post
    ... hehe.... hehehahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Malicious laughter echoes across the thread and lightning strikes from above* Oh! That would be great to see! Though let me ask you all a question... how exactly will you be able to get information from my team and I... if you haven't even bothered to check the ceiling above your heads? :3 Just saying, threats get what threats deserve.

    But that does bring up rule 11: You can't surprise him because he already thought of it. Whatever you wish to do... know that there ARE consequences. *Continues evil laughter*
    YAY! We figured out another rule! Now we know 1, 2, and 11! :D *does a little dance*

    Anyway lol......We will think of something. Allora is a Ninetales after all and she does have psychic abilities. I might just develop that a little more.......Accatosh can fly ......and I am sure we can rally some of the others into helping us out. You are outnumber by the way.

    *looks up* Looks like a normal ceiling to me XD just kidding
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