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Originally Posted by Lunar Crescent View Post
Why not!, seems like good fun!
Name: Lunar Crescent
Game(s): Crystal, Platinum, Black, White 2.
# of pokemon: 4, Only Sinnoh and Johto pokemon please, i have yet to get to know the Unova Ones!
Restrictions: All normal ultimate challenge rules apply, and no NFEs.
Alright your team is....





My Sign up sheet.... again.

Name: jog5454 (HecticX)
Game: Emerald
Number of Pokemon: 6
Restrictions: No NFE's, Gen 1-3 only, Different Primary type for each Pokemon please.

Ultimate Random Challenge Progress: Fire Red 8/8 - Gold 16/16 - Emerald 0/8 - Diamond 0/8 - White 0/8
Random Challenge Teams:
Fire Red: Starmie lvl 64, Arbok lvl 60, Pidgeot lvl 60, Areodactyl lvl 62, Jolteon lvl 62, Tangela lvl 60
Gold: Typhlosion lvl 60, Furret lvl 60, Donphan lvl 60, Ampharos lvl 60, Persian lvl 60, Starmie lvl 60
Emerald: Scyther lvl 10
Diamond N/A
White N/A