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    Here is my SU for angel.

    Charlie, the angel

    Name: Charlie
    Sex: Male
    Physical Age: 18

    Likes: To keep people guessing, being trivial, being depended upon.
    Dislikes: Displaying his emotions, getting embarrassed, being made to start conversation.
    Dreams: To be welcomed by others, to reach Heaven, to have his existence acknowledged by Joey.
    Fears: Rejection, Eternal Darkness,

    Charlie has a fair complexion with flawless skin; his face is unmarked and unblemished. Charlie's hair is a silvery-blue colour which displays wisdom and experience. Charlie's eyes are a lightly coloured brown and gives an aura of mystery to him. This mysterious aura is improved by the garments that he wears, a long, black overcoat which hangs lower than his feet, on which he wears leather boots. He always wears the coat collar up which makes him look like quite an antisocial figure, but it is due to the fact that he is a very shy character. Charlie's face is the one that cannot be read easily, it lacks emotion but in a comforting way. Charlie is by no means an intimidating figure, no matter how much he may look it, and his build is on the lower side of average and is not athletic in the slightest. Despite lack of athleticism, Charlie is rather tall; he stands at 6ft5. As Charlie looks extremely youthful and could be mistaken for someone much younger in the human realm, this isn't helped due to his lack of facial and obvious body hair. When Charlie walks, he walks slightly hunched over and is constantly looking around as if he feels vulnerable.

    Despite Charlie's youthful appearance, he acts in a very mature way. He always thinks about everything before answering any question and he displays knowledge in almost every subject. Despite not liking to start conversations, Charlie much likes to have others come and talk to him first. Charlie hates to be an annoyance to people and therefore prefers others to begin interaction as that way he ensures that he won't be annoying. Charlie does not judge people without good reason, however first impressions are hard to erase for him. If you mess up once, he will not forget it and regaining his respect will take effort. Charlie is not a violent person, he is much the opposite. He would much rather discuss problems and loves to debate specific topics. Although Charlie is quite shy, he likes to have authority entrusted to him. He typically performs at high standards with great understanding and doesn't throw away opportunities. Charlie is very diligent and does not give up on anything at all. He is extremely loyal to anyone who earns his trust and is a very comforting person. He dislikes to see people suffer that don't deserve it and will do all within his power to prevent such a thing from happening. Charlie may seem as a care-free individual but it is simply for the fact that he is not easily annoyed; he is very much a level-headed and calm angel.

    When Joey was born, Charlie had been assigned him as an emergency case. He had been called upon whilst wandering around watching the humans go about their lives. He knew that there would be a certain degree of work needed for Joey considering the situation he was born into. He disliked the fact that such a child was to be born into the world with unstable parenting. Since then he has always held a grudge against Josiah’s parents for putting Joey through a life like that. However, luckily for them both, Charlie had been assigned a similar case before. He knew which the hardest parts were and which the easier parts were. He was quite surprised at how well Joey’s original parents looked after him considering their ages and their occupations. However, he knew it wouldn’t be long before the boy was sent to the orphanage. Charlie watched over him, day and night, because he knew that orphanages could be a dangerous place. He thought it good that Joey was a quiet boy, this would prevent him from getting himself into any trouble, which it did. Thankfully. Sooner than expected, Joey was adopted by a couple that seemed nice enough. They meant well, at least.

    Joey didn’t seem to enjoy his time at the Spanner residence too much and Charlie could hardly blame him. Small children running around everywhere were not exactly the family that suited Joey. When Joey had first been dressed in female clothing Charlie was surprisingly amused, but in a good way. It seemed to Charlie that Joey actually made a good female, for the moment anyway. It was surprising how much more he could get away with by being a ‘girl’ than a boy. Charlie was quite pleased that Joey would be home-schooled as it would guarantee his safety, to an extent. It would also make him develop better academically given that he was much above the typical child of his age group. Joey did a great job in securing the home-school situation by working very hard all the time, it ensured that no one could complain about them as they were producing results, no doubt about it.

    The fact that Joey would be moving to Seattle was great for him! It would give him proper education and perhaps enhance him socially. It was good that Joey would get a kitten to look after too, it would give him an opportunity to take on responsibility and hopefully help him become more adult like. Charlie was hesitant about the female clothing, but it turned out that it would all be for the better. Joey could practically transform into a girl by changing outfit, just like how a superhero changes ego.
    Joey was doing well academically and he had made some friends, he had settled into Seattle life far better than Charlie could have hoped for. It had also become apparent that Joey had become accustomed to being Olivia. It seemed to suit him quite well and was quite the opposite of Joey. Although it made Charlie quit e relaxed to know that Joey was happy in some way, Charlie just wished that Joey would accept the fact that he was Josiah and not Olivia. In some ways Charlie was embarrassed by the fact that he had a cross-dressing human to look after. With Olivia being a young female alone in a big city, Charlie couldn’t relax fully as it isn’t always the safest thing to be. So Charlie was naturally on edge being cautious of the surrounding people. If anything looked odd, he would intervene. Only once had something come close to happening, but Charlie had sorted it out. There were 3 shady looking men following around Olivia, naturally Charlie made certain that it wasn’t just coincidence. Before Joey had been snatched by these guys, Charlie had thought it best to lead these men subconsciously away from Joey and go into a pub that was just opposite. Charlie had felt very happy with himself to have done this.

    Charlie liked the fact that he had to look after Joey. He was a quiet boy, much like how Charlie was quiet. He also liked the fact that Joey cross-dressed sometimes, it made him quite an interesting person and Charlie very much liked interesting things.

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