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    My first update on Pokemon Blaze Black using Blue's team. Started my game choosing Oshawott. Continued on until I received my Pokéballs and then captured my Pidgey on Route 1. After beating the first gym (needed Oshawott, Pidgey, and Pansear because my game uses rotation battles for all gyms) I placed Oshawott and Pansear back in the PC. During the Cheren rival battle Pidgey evolved into Pidgeotto. I then caught an Abra on my way to the cave to beat Team Plasma. During those battles my Abra evolved into Kadabra. I then caught a Magikarp with the Fishing rod the girl gave me. After beating N again in Nacrene city my Magikarp evolved into Gyarados. Currently hunting for a Charmander and Exeggcute in Pinwheel forest.
    Current Party
    Pidgeotto lvl 23
    Kadabra lvl 22
    Gyarados lvl 21
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