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    Kiki and Jen

    Jen smirked and crossed her arms. Seems she had upset the little children, how cute.

    "Oh, you two are angry, how adorable. At least you aren't shaking in fear anymore. Honestly, what you two dolts don't get is WHY I'm doing this. Picking on the weak? Maybe, but how else would weaklings get tougher? Anyways, there is no backing out now. Your stupid fighting type annoys me, and sickens me with his presence. Go, Umber!" Jen said, sending out an umbreon. The dark type gave the boy an odd look. Kiki knew this was not going to end well, then was shocked when several Full Restores hit the ground in front of her.

    "Oy, heal your poemon and send it out! I was serious when I said it would take both of you to even hurt Umber." Jen said. Kiki quickly used the items and sent out Mouser, who squeaked softly.

    "Rattata!" he cried. Jen had a very pleased look on her face.

    "Don't you feel it? the power of this place, the darkness in the air. The perfect home for Dark types, the only place for someone like me. The doom, the desicration, all of it calling out to me. Truly, this is a fine night for a battle." the ivory haired ten said, looking genuinely happy. "Umber, start with Confuse Ray."

    "Umbreon!" the fox said, opening her mouth and firing a ball of light at Catches.

    "Mouser, get in the way!" Kiki cried suddenly, "if Catches is confused he might not be able to fight!"

    "Ratata!" themouse cried, leaping in front of the ball of light, his eyes turning swirly. At least Catches would be able o do something.
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