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    I personally dont care what type sylveon is, however, I do have a theory on how it evolves.

    Every pokemon generation that have eevees, each have a different way to evolve

    Gen 1: Stones
    Gen 2: Day/Night Friendship
    Gen 4: Areas

    So I have done some research and have come up with this theory.
    Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are most likely named that based on the x and y axis,
    But in the Japanese title art there are rainbowish symbols which i believe to be sex cells.
    X(the girl sex cell) is blue and also the color of Xerneas
    Y(the boy sex cell) is red and also the color of Yveltal.
    This could mean these legendaries have genders, like Latias and Latios.

    But this lead me to think that since each eevee gen (a gen with eeveelutions) has new evolution,
    this generation could have a boy and a girl evolution since the sex cells which seem to be shown in the japanese art.

    This is a theory, and this is not for sure what is going to happen.
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