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I'll do a duplicate sign-up, since I got my LeafGreen back from my friend. *"steals" all of his pokemon through palpark*
And as I like planning out my teams before hand, here they are - let me know if something isn't allowed.

Username: Rewy
Game: Emerald
Era: Renaissance Era
  • Milotic (whee, hours of fishing! at least now I'll have something to do at school... 95% of my time there I spend playing pokemon)
  • Lanturn (I see it as cute and it's main Water/ type, please note if it doesn't fit the category )
  • Gardevoir
  • Castform (Fairy-group + Normal)
  • Altaria (as Flying one )
  • ... something I'll see what random I find for this spot (surprises, surprises!)
Probably going to start with a Mudkip just because it's the most adorable water thing at the start and retire him (without evolving) after a second gym or so.

Username: Rewy
Game: LeafGreen
Era: Westward Expansion
  • Rapidash (never used one...)
  • Persian (Normal-type, non-Fairy, mostly for that pickup as Meowth)
  • Fearow / Dodrio (not sure which one)
  • Rhydon (Surf!)
  • Tauros (I'm curious...)
  • Primeape (So not going to beat Brock with a birdy...)

...Bruno is going to murder me in E4... *nervous laughter*


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