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Just so this title doesn't get too confusing....

Black and White first introduced us to Black City/White Forest. In this areas, you had the opportunity to battle some pretty strong trainers, but in order to actually utilize these areas to their maximum potential, you had to interact with the opposite game. For example, if you had Black, you had to interact with players who have White version in order to gain more residents for Black City, and vice-vera.

Black and White 2 operates on a different principle I believe, and Gamefreak decided to include a battle tower of some sort. While interaction with the opposite version was no longer required, this "battle facility" challenged the player, as several trainers ranged from level 50 to level 80(I believe that's all the way at the top) were thrown at you from pretty much all directions. Unless you found a medic(especially if you were on the higher floors), battles could get quite hectic at times.

But all of that being said, would you guys like X and Y to have their own version of Black City and White Forest? What would you want included in them? Would you want them to have their own Battle Facilities such as B2W2, or wild Pokemon kind of like White Forest, or both?

like sandcastles against the tide.

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