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    Wyatt “Wyvern” Leon Bellerose

    Although he didn’t feel sleepy, Wyatt felt his eyes begin to feel baggy but resisted the urge to sleep. He was comfortable standing although it felt odd to speak to someone sitting so he sat on the floor with his back against the wall and his legs flat on the floor.

    Wyatt received the sketchbook from Evie and scanned the picture. He almost had forgotton what the beach looked like and the picture was great.

    “Instead of being a Nurse, it seems like you’re trying to be an artist.” Wyatt said with a sincere grin. He never really got into drawing unless it had to do with doodling. He traced his finger along the lines in the picture as he sat silently for a moment.

    He began to ask how Evie met Leka although it would be awkward if she asked him that same question. His situation was different from how most people got their Pokemon.

    “You used to live on a ranch, huh?” Wyatt asked, moving his legs so he could sit in a kneeling position. “I bet that was interesting from the sound of it. Hopefully you weren’t distanced from any cities most of your life although that would necessarily be good or bad.”

    Wyatt handed the picture back to Evie with a slightly envious feel. She definitely had a future in becoming whatever she wanted but he had barely went to any classes while he was here. He would have to improve but procrastination was something that Wyatt excelled at unless he felt a self motivation to do so.

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