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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
Not wanting children to gamble is silly? Honestly, the gambling aspect alone can raise the rating up to M if the country that receives the games pushes for a correct rating. Children gambling isn't very funny, and while I was disappointed with the removal, its an understandable decision. If gambling is outlawed in areas then the games cannot be sold there. They stand to lose too much money because of one small feature.

No I don't think the gambling feature will return, nor do I think they will try to replace it.
I think assuming that children are going to start gambling because of a virtual slot machine in a Pokémon game is silly. I grew up with them in RBY/GSC and look, I'm not gambling. Do I understand why it was removed? Technically yes. Is it possible that there is a correlation between the Game Corner having a slot machine and children growing up to gamble because of it? Yeah, I suppose so. Do I still think it's silly? Yup.
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